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Pollen Proof Screens

PollenTecWe install PollenTEC screens on windows, doors, screened in porches, and other places to keep unwanted pollen, pollutants, and other allergenic particles from entering your living and working spaces. These screens are a perfect add-on for our whole-house fan installations!

“The Clean Air Window Screen by PollenTec® is a one of a kind solution. Keeps pollen, dust, dirt & exhaust soot out of your home or business. Save ENERGY & have a cleaner house.

How does the Clean Air Window Screen (CAWS) work? CAWS is a patented polymer screen that filters pollen & dust particles out. Possessing special triboelectric properties, CAWS electrostatically pulls airborne particles out of the air, quietly and efficiently cleaning your homes air.

Lab Tested & Proven. Capable of filtering out even pollens, down to the micron level. Dust you can’t even see is kept out. Cleans your air quietly and efficiently without the added cost of electricity.” – PollenTEC

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