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My name is Thump’r. No, that’s not a typo, nor were my parents drinking wine while watching Disney’s animated movie Bambi when choosing what given name to bestow upon me. Rather, my parents were balanced in habits, and disciplined in responsibility. I was raised to appreciate the value of craftsmanship through the deliberate practice of a high work ethic, and quality in performance of my efforts.

As a “Jack of all trades,” my father could repair anything on a car, fix anything around the house, or make anything in his shop. I was expected to help out of course, and to learn the same work principled standards past down from my Irish/Italian forefathers before me. In about 1980 I entered into the work force and started building up many skills across a variety of trades in the construction industry. By 1999 I was licensed as a General Contractor, and am now the owner of this contracting firm, “Blue Collar Builders,” based out of San Jose California. Although time has taken a toll on my outer beauty, now that I have far less hair on my head than in high school, one thing has not changed since then, my personal integrity and desire to, “Make It Right.”

Cornerstone values of Blue Collar Builders

Cornerstone values of Blue Collar Builders

Blue Collar Builders is founded on these principle and practices, with the intention of attracting other like minded individuals who believe in the value of ethic and the necessity for superior performance in the exercise of any endeavor. I’ve learned the hard way that these qualities can not be purchased. They are either an inherent part of the individual’s personality make-up, or they are not. That is why it is called a practice, and not an event. Skills are much more easier to teach than integrity, and only when nobody is looking can a person’s true nature be revealed.

It is our belief that the construction industry’s practices, processes, and building products should continue to be improve for the long term benefit of us all. With that in mind, Blue Collar Builders has chosen to focus a greater part of our attention toward renewable energy, and the efficiency of its use. As Codes, like those found in Title 24, continue to be added and refined, proper implementation and insight into the purpose for doing so should be understood by the public as well as the licensed professional. This will not only provide a benefit to society as a whole, but safety and comfort to the individual homes and work spaces that are modeled accordingly. We intend to become a leader in that pursuit.


This is our mission statement:

Blue Collar Builders will nurture creative thinking, innovation in product development, and education of the construction industry, while continuing to advance the Green movement, practice quality craftsmanship, and provide outstanding work ethic for our customers.”


Clients and consumers will always have many choices to select from, no matter what product or service is being considered. One of our goals here at Blue Collar Builders is to become that reference authority which allows the process of searching & selection to be more comprehensive and insightful . So make sure and keep an eye out for our continuing blog series & videos tutorials. We’ll be pushing toward the front, shaping the future and building dreams.

I’m Thump’r with Blue Collar Builders  –  remember, “If you’re going to make it…  make it right!”

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